Conception Métavic, manufacturer of heavy-duty forestry equipment

Conception Métavic has been designing and manufacturing professional forestry equipment since 1982. Métavic not only produces log loaders, truck trailer-mounted loaders, log splitters, and winches for the forestry sector, but is constantly improving them and setting new standards for quality. Métavic’s extensive experience means its current forestry equipment is virtually custom made.

Forestry equipment for every application

Farmers, woodlot owners, maple growers, tree farmers… Whatever forestry work you do, you can count on us for the best.

Our log loaders are the top professional-grade units on the market. Our superior components and long experience in the field means our equipment lasts longer and does more than the others.

Why look for a used log loader when you can get a new one that will hold its value?

We’re known for our attention to detail, so it’s no surprise we have developed the industry’s most complete product line—from ATV loaders to 21-foot telescoping-boom loaders designed for truck trailer installation.

Thinking of everything doesn’t just mean providing light forestry equipment that out-lifts the competition, it also means having specially designed equipment to haul it.

Need to get your trailer to the back of the beyond? With Conception Métavic, anything is possible.